• Poetry: Lyn Lifshin

    Lyn Lifshin has published over 130 books and chapbooks, and her work is included in major anthologies of women writers. Lifshin’s poems have appeared in  a majority of poetry and literary magazines in the U.S., and she has given more than 700 readings across the country. Lifshin also taught poetry and prose writing at universities, […]

  • Photography: Loss and Beauty

    By Keron Psillas — Last summer, while teaching at the Pacific Northwest Art School, I was asked a great question. After giving a presentation about my project, Loss and Beauty, the work and my path to bringing it to where it is now, I was asked, “What was the most difficult thing you had to […]

  • Showing Up, Moving On

    They happen each year, the annual Capstone Exhibits in the Department of Contemporary Art and Theater at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. While the dates and names change each year, the rules don’t. The exhibit is both a rite [right] of passage and a ticket to the future for graduating art students. For each, […]

  • Coda: Tunnel Vision

    The underpass that connects the east and west campuses of Shepherd University is being enhanced and transformed, from a convenience into an experience. Before the painting could start, contractors had to sandblast the walls of the underpass to remove a clear graffiti coating, then re-prime and paint them with a base coat. Days of work […]

  • Seth Hill: Painting Paintings

    I learned a long time ago that great artists can paint anything: They can paint the figure, they can paint landscapes, they can paint abstract,” says Seth Hill. “I’m fine painting landscapes. I can accept that.” There’s a sense that he is, perhaps, more comfortable with painter than artist. “It’s probably more of an accident, […]

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Regional Art : Image of the Week

See more of Walt Bartman's work in the Summer Exhibit at The Bridge Gallery in Shepherdstown, WV. View his website at walterbartman.com.


Shepherd receives grant to host conference on humanities and the environment

Shepherd University’s Humanities and the 21st Century initiative received a $4,705 grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council to help organize a conference on humanities and the environment. The two-day conference, part of a new biyearly series, will take place October 26–27 at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center near Shepherdstown, […]

Local writer publishes coffee-table book set that explores residents of the Eastern Panhandle

Eastern Panhandle writer Katherine Cobb announces the release of her new nonfiction coffee-table book set, Panhandle Portraits, a Glimpse at the Diverse Residents of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle, which features compelling portraits of West Virginians and their unique characteristics in two volumes. The two-volume, 176-page set contains 77 portraits, with some photos featuring more than […]

Rachel Barton Pine Performing Live at the Maryland Theatre

“Barton is the real thing, a prodigious talent with obvious personality and a clear-eyed vision. Her technical skills can make the jaw drop. She has a full, singing sweet tone and plays with a confidence and élan that make an audience’s heart soar.” Chicago Sun-Times HAGERSTOWN, Md., October 27, 2016—Violin virtuoso Rachel Barton Pine will […]

The Potomac Playmakers

BY CHRIS BREWER The year was 1926. Calvin Coolidge was in the middle of his first elected term as President. It had been only six years since the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote. A number of entertainers who would become luminaries of stage and screen  were born that year, including Jerry Lewis, […]

American Conservation Film Festival

Life Story – First Steps, Filmmakers: Tom Hugh-Jones, Rupert Barrington — Vulnerable, naïve and determined, some young animals face their biggest challenges in the first few days of life. In infancy, every challenge is a new one. How a creature fares at the very beginning of its life is the foundation upon which their future success depends. […]

Saving Ourselves by Saving the Past

BY AMY MATHEWS AMOS In “Saving Mes Aynak,” filmmaker Brent Huffman tells a story emblematic of our times:  a ruinous reality that leaves us feeling angry, fearful and sad, yet strangely inspired and determined at the same time. While divisiveness rages all around us, Huffman helps us lock arms with someone halfway around the world, […]

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